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Transits of Objects through the LASCO/C3 FOV in 2001

This list was compiled by Jonathon Shanklin (British Antarctic Survey) and Douglas Biesecker. The dates are all approximate.

Neptune (January 18 - February 2) (Left to Right)
Uranus (February 1 - 17) (Left to Right)
Mercury (February 9 - 16) (Left to Right, Top)
45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova (2001 March 1 - 21, though probably too faint to be visible)
4 Vesta (March 15 - April 7) (Left to Right, Bottom)
Venus (March 30) (Left to Right, May just be visible at the top edge)
Mercury (April 16 - 30, Right to Left)
Saturn (May 16 - June 3, Left to Right)
Jupiter (June 4 - 25) (Left to Right)
Mercury (June 12 - 21) (Left to Right, Bottom)
Mercury (July 30 - August 13) (Right to Left)
Mercury (October 10 - 18) (Left to Right, Bottom)
Mercury (November 21 - December 18) (Right to Left)
Venus (December 13 - February 14) (Right to Left)