2002-09-05.79 SOHO-513
C/2002 R5
--- C2, C3 0.0472
2008-06-10.15 SOHO-1488
C/2008 L7
R. Kracht C2 0.0455
2008-06-10.17 SOHO-1487
C/2008 L6
R. Kracht C2 0.0457
2014-03-07 SOHO-2673
C/2014 ??
Z. Xu C2, C3 TBD
2014-03-07 SOHO-2712
C/2014 ??
Z. Xu C2 TBD
2015-03-02 SOHO-4040
C/2015 ??
P. Berrett C2 TBD
2019-11-27 SOHO-3870
C/2019 ??
R. Kracht C2 TBD
2019-12-06 SOHO-3877
C/2019 ??
W. Boonplod C2 TBD
2019-12-12 SOHO-3882
C/2019 ??
W. Boonplod C2, C3 TBD
2019-12-19 SOHO-3885
C/2019 ??
R. Kracht C2 TBD

Note: In September 2007, C/2003 R5 was recovered at perihelion as predicted by Sebastian Hoenig. A linked orbit for P/2007 R5 (SOHO), assuming C/1999 R1 = C/2003 R5, was published on MPEC 2007-S16. While the proposed linkage is, in all likelihood, correct, the observations from the separate apparitions did not link particularly well. Therefore, until absolute confirmation is obtained, the two original components will remain listed above but P/2007 R5 will not be given a unique "SOHO-xxxx" identifier. (This is purely at the discretion of the Sungrazer webmaster and not a reflection of the views of any other party!) More information on this object can be found on various websites.

Regarding SOHO-1487 and SOHO-1488, the following information was published on MPEC 2008-O23:
C/2008 L6 and L7 appear to be members of the "Kracht 2" Group, and R. Kracht suggests that they represent a return of comet C/2002 R5 (cf. MPEC 2002-S35). The 15-deg shift in the line of nodes actually supports the likely correctness of this linkage, as it is consistent with the comet's passage within 1.1 AU of Jupiter in Jan. 2007.