These files contain a list of all confirmations, more-or-less as they appeared on the reports page of the sungrazer website when posted by the project lead. Formatting varies somewhat but in general the list will show (in this order):

SOHO-designation; Date/Time of report; LASCO cameras; Discoverer name(s); Date of observations

Note that the latter is only present in the more recent file (since 2004).

Note also that some comets were reported via the 'SohoHunter' chat group. These are usually denoted by an asterisk (*). Some x-comets are listed, some are not. These lists are not exhaustive and fully complete, but some might find them a useful resource.

The confirmations are split into these lists:


  • Mission start to Dec31,2003 is here
  • 2004 to Dec31,2007 is here
  • 2008 to Dec31,2009 is here
  • All of 2010 is here
  • January 2011 to Dec 2012 is here
  • January 2013 to Dec 2014 is here
  • January - December 2015 here
  • January - December 2016 here
  • January - December 2017 here
  • January - December 2018 here
  • January - December 2019 here
  • January - December 2020 here


  • All STEREO Comets to Date are listed here

The pre-2004 list is of limited use as the date/time of the original report is not listed. But the post-2004 lists do contain that information, so might be useful to someone for something...
These lists are for reference and general utility but are not necessarily a complete and accurate account of SOHO comet numbering/discoveries, etc. There will be mistakes in these lists. Therefore, if you are using this data for publication(s), or work of any importance whatsoever, you really must to cross-check with the "Comet Discoveries" tables provided on this web site.