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Periodic comets identified by SOHO

C/1996 X3

Group: Kracht

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-1080 C/1996 X3 1996-12-06
SOHO-522 C/2002 S7 2002-09-21
SOHO-1505 C/2008 N4 2008-07-04

P/1997 J6

Group: None

#DesigPeri. Date
N/A P/1997 J6 1997-05-01
SOHO-478 P/2001 D1 2001-02-18
SOHO-879 P/2004 X7 2004-12-07
SOHO-1532 P/2008 S2 2008-09-17
N/A P/2012 M2 2012-06-30

P/1999 J6

Group: Marsden

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-109 P/1999 J6 1999-05-11
SOHO-859 P/2004 V9 2004-11-08
SOHO-1828 P/2010 H3 2010-04-19

P/1999 R1

Group: Kracht II

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-85 P/1999 R1 1999-09-05
SOHO-661 P/2003 R5 2003-09-08
N/A P/2007 R5 2007-09-11
N/A P/2011 R4 2011-09-07

C/1999 U2

Group: Marsden

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-90 C/1999 U2 1999-10-25
SOHO-1062 C/2005 W5 2005-11-29

P/1999 X3

Group: None

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-1157 P/1999 X3 1999-12-12
SOHO-746 P/2004 E2 2004-03-12
SOHO-1483 P/2008 K10 2008-05-31
N/A P/2012 Q2 2012-08-20

P/2000 O3

Group: Kracht

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-189 P/2000 O3 2000-07-30
SOHO-1057 P/2005 W4 2005-11-23
SOHO-2033 P/2011 E1 2011-03-09
SOHO-3165 P/2016 N5 2016-07-01

P/2003 T12

Group: None

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-673 P/2003 T12 2003-10-16
STEREO-42 P/2012 A3 2012-01-26

P/2008 Y12

Group: None

#DesigPeri. Date
SOHO-1594 P/2008 Y12 2008-12-22
SOHO-2730 P/2014 K3 2014-05-17

NOTE: Some objects here do not have assigned "SOHO-xxxx" numbers. It is generally the policy of the Sungrazer Project PI that "known" comets are not assigned SOHO numbers, and thus when a comet returns and is readily identifiable as a known object, then we do not assign a SOHO number.

This scheme has its flaws, but the SOHO numbering system is not designed as a scientifically precise way of identifying new and/or unique comets. That is the purpose of the MPC designation.