Confirmations for August 2022

Dear All,

Here are confirmations for August 2022.

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4507  Aug03,22 03:27:16   S.Gu           C3      Kreutz  Aug03,22
4508  Aug05,22 10:41:25   Z.Yang     C3,C2,Cr2   Kreutz  Aug05-07,22  
4509  Aug05,22 12:35:01   R.Biros        C3      Kreutz  Aug05,22
4510  Aug08,22 07:03:38   Z.Chen         C2      Meyer   Aug08,22
4511  Aug11,22 10:55:30   Z.Yang         C3      Kreutz  Aug11,22
4512  Aug15,22 10:39:53   H.Tan          C2      NonGrp  Aug14,22
4513  Aug17,22 17:15:26   T.Prestgard    C3      Kreutz  Aug17,22
4514  Aug22,22 05:22:20   Z.Yang       H1,C3     Kreutz  Aug22,22
4515  Aug23,22 13:22:36   Z.Xu           C2      NonGrp  Aug23,22
4516  Aug26,22 07:09:42   W.Boonplod   H1,C3     Kreutz  Aug26,22
4517  Aug27,22 03:05:38   Z.Yang       H1,C3     Kreutz  Aug27,22
4518  Aug29,22 08:51:39   Z.Yang      H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Aug29-30,22
4519  Aug31,22 05:25:36   Z.Yang       H1,C3     Kreutz  Aug30-31,22

The Kreutz stream has now moved back into the STEREO/SECCHI HI-1 field of view, so we should see almost all SOHO Kreutz discoveries in those images at least for the next month or two.

Congratulations to both Shaoxiong Gu and Zhuoyang Chen for their first SOHO comet discoveries! We had nine different comet hunters discover comets in August (not including archive reports from Jiangao and Wenjie) -- it's great to see so many names up there!

Also, in my last set on confirmations, I forgot to congratulate Worachate for finding SOHO-4500! When SOHO reached its first 500 comet discoveries, the science team were absolutely amazed; no one imagined the spacecraft could possibly be *that* successful at comet hunting. Likewise, SOHO-1000 was a massive milestone, for which we made a number of press releases. So perhaps it's a consequence of the remarkable success of SOHO, and all of your efforts, that a milestone like "SOHO-4500" kind of slips past us without us fully appreciating the significance. But rest assured that we will absolutely be paying full attention to SOHO-5000!

We are seeing quite a few new registrants for the project, so please be patient and understanding of duplicate or noise posts as they learn the program. And a reminder for people that are new to the project: if you see a bright comet in the LASCO images, it has almost certainly already been reported already. Nearly all comets are discovered while they are extremely faint, and it usually takes several hours for them to become very bright. So you should check the site for 'Endorsed' reports and see if any match up with the object you are seeing. Of course, if you are unsure then you can post a report, but you only need to post 5 or 6 positions -- we do not need you to post several hours of observations.

As always, you are always encouraged reach out to me with questions or comments - or (and cc