The following list was compiled by Worachate Boonplod.
All dates and magnitudes are approximate.

LASCO image with plots/lines of transits



Date Object Vmag Direction
Feb18-Mar07 Mercury -2 right to left
Feb20-Mar08 Saturn +1 left to right
Mar09-Mar25 Neptune +8 left to right
Apr07-Apr16 Mercury +5 left to right
May04-May21 Uranus +6 left to right
May06-Jul03 Venus -4 right to left
May08-May29 Jupiter -2 left to right
Jun08-Jun21 Mercury -2 right to left
Aug04-Sep05 Vesta +8 left to right
Aug15-Aug23 Mercury +5 left to right
Sep21-Oct11 Mercury -2 right to left
Oct07-Oct11 C/2023 A3 TBD right to top-left
Dec02-Dec09 Mercury +5 left to right


Date Object Vmag Direction
Feb27-Mar01 Saturn +1 left to right
Mar15-Mar19 Neptune +8 left to right
May11-May15 Uranus +6 left to right
May16-May21 Jupiter -2 left to right
May29-Jun11 Venus -4 right to left
Jun13-Jun16 Mercury -2 right to left
Sep28-Oct02 Mercury -2 right to left
Dec05-Dec06 Mercury +5 left to right

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