Every year, on roughly the same dates, we see "famous" stars, clusters, etc, in the LASCO C3 field of view. This short list is a collection of some of the highlights. For some of the objects we provide images that point them out, but to find the exact locations of the others, you should check the LASCO Sky Map. Transits of planets and asteroids, which occur on different dates every year, are listed here. All dates given below are approximate (though some are more approximate than others...), and all objects enter on the left and exit on the right of the images.


Object Enters C3... Exits C3...
Deneb Algedi Feb 6 Feb 20
Pleiades Cluster (M45) May 14 May 28
Aldabaran May 24 Jun 5
M35 Jun 16 Jul 1
Pollux Jul 13 Jul 18
Beehive Cluster (M44) Jul 23 Aug 8
M67 Jul 30 Aug 9
Regulus Aug 15 Aug 31
Spica Oct 9 Oct 25
M80 Nov 21 Dec 5
M4 Nov 25 Dec 8
Antares Nov 26 Dec 9
M19 Dec 3 Dec 15
Milky Way ~Dec 14 ~Jan 14
M22 Dec 23 Jan 6



This is certainly not an exhaustive list, as LASCO sees hundreds of bright stars every year. But if there is a particular star/object that you feel should be added here, please contact us and we will gladly add it in.