Couple of website updates

Three things:

  1. All reports from the previous Sungrazer website have now been imported to the "Legacy Reports" page. We tried to import all reports from 2010 - present when we created the new site, but for whatever reason some of the reports would not import. Michal Biesiada in particular had several reports - including a confirmation - that did not import properly. Mildly frustrating, but I think we are all good now.
  2. I have updated links to the 'confirmation lists'. I still need to update 2020 and 2021, but at least they are there now for anyone that like the plain text view.
  3. I have modified the format of the 'Captcha' on the report form. This was always something that I was worried about, as I'm certain it is particularly difficult for users that do not natively use the English alphabet. (I personally struggle with Captchas all the time, so they must be awful for those that don't use the English alphabet regularly!) So hopefully the new one makes things much easier for everyone, but still keeps the SPAMbots away. The previous captcha has so far blocked 28,297 spam reports... which is a LOT of junk that none of us want to see on the website. I'm surprised no one has complained about this before, so thanks to Robert Pickard for speaking up about this one. 

In general, please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, comments, feedback, etc, about the website. Sometimes it might take me a few days to respond, but I will respond eventually (and if I don't, send me a follow-up email!)