"NEW USER" Reports

Update Jan 3: The New User reports were made by Eryk Banach; I have updated the reports page to reflect this. Eryk has participated in the project on-and-off since 2008, and has 9 SOHO comet discoveries-- welcome back, Eryk! 


Dear All,

As you have seen, there are a number of reports from a "NEW USER" since the middle of last month. Nearly all of those are from the same person, and their reports include what looks like a real discovery on December 25, 2023. Unfortunately they are not including their name on their report, so I do not know who they are. I do have the IP address, so if these are your reports, please send an email - to both sungrazer@nrl.navy.mil and sungrazercomets@gmail.com - so that I can add your name and credit you for comet discovery!

Happy 2024 everyone!