New Sungrazer Site - Introduction

Welcome to the new design for the Sungrazer Project website! There are several changes to the site, most noticeably to the reporting format. Please read over the following so you have a better understanding of the changes we've made. (If you are new to the project, some of this will not make sense to you, as you are unfamiliar with the old version of the website.)

To make a report:

  • “Contribute” is the same thing as “Report a comet” (we just updated the wording).
  • This should mostly be familiar to experienced comet hunters, with one or two differences, such as...
  • You can now add a “Note to Admin”, which is a message that is seen only by the Project Administrator. You are very welcome – and encouraged - to use this option to add any comments that you like.
  • When making reports, click the “Add another item” button to add extra frames to your reports.
  • There is a “CAPTCHA” to prevent SPAM messages. If this causes problems for any of you (particularly if you natively use a non-Western alphabet, for example) then please let me know. We can probably change or even remove this.
  • You can “Preview” your report but you are not required to if you don't want. If you want to just submit it immediately then just click “Save”.

To view reports that have been made to the site:

  • There are now two different options for viewing the reports. You can either view them in a shortened ‘table’ format (‘Tabular’) or in a format similar to the current style (‘plain text’). The advantage to the table format is that you can now search/sort the reports by user name, by group, and even by confirmed/unconfirmed.
  • When you click on a report, the date/time of the report is listed in the file name, reported at the top of the page. So for (e.g.) this report, the report name is “report_db_20191028131319” and the date/time is thus 2019-10-28 13:13:19. If you need to correct/add to/retract a report, that is the time you will reference.

Confirming comets:

  • We have changed the wording here to be less confusing. We now use the word “endorse” instead of “confirm”. It means the same thing but we decided that it's really the job of the Project Administrator to confirm comets, but you all can and should certainly endorse reports that are made.
  • If you click on the report link for any report (again, e.g. this report) you will see the option to “Endorse the Report”. Follow that link, select your name and complete the CAPTCHA. The report will now be listed as ‘endorsed’ by you.
  • A report can have more than one endorsement, and those endorsements will be listed at the bottom of the individual page for that report. it is absolutely fine if more than one person endorses a report (but again, is not essential).

There are still some parts of the website that need updating, and maybe one or two dead links we have missed. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, feedback, etc.