SOHO/LASCO data and sungrazer website scheduled outages

1. There is a scheduled outage of the SOHO servers (all the * servers) from Friday June 11 16:00 UT through as late as Monday June 14 19:00 UT (but hopefully not for that long). I don't think there will be any availability of new SOHO data during that time, as the servers that process the raw telemetry will be offline. 

2. There is a scheduled outage of the Sungrazer web server on Saturday June 19 through Sunday June 21. Again, there's a chance the server will be back online before that, but I can make no promises. This will NOT affect the availability of SOHO data, but will mean that you should submit comet reports to the page and to me via email (though I think my email will be offline too, so you might get a 'bounce' message at first. I will get it eventually though.) 

Apologies for the disruptions.