New comet tables

We have released new versions of the comet discovery tables, with an extra features that we never had before. You can now find a direct link in almost every discovery to a text file containing the positional information (x,y pixels) for the comet in all cameras that it was observed in!

A recent example is SOHO-4121, which was discovered in the SOHO/LASCO data but also observed in STEREO/SECCHI COR2-A images. You can find a full list of x-y positions here. A couple of notes about these files:

  • Some of them are still missing - not many, but maybe a hundred or so. We will add these in as we get to them.
  • The STEREO (COR2, HI1) positions are missing for many comets before 2018-ish. These will again be added in due course.
  • All of the x,y information assumes a coordinate origin in the lower-left corner. If you are viewing the images on a Windows computer (and in certain other software), you will need to subtract the y-value from 1024 to get the coordinates for that system
  • Some of the formatting of the very early (pre-2004) comet discoveries might be a little different, and may be missing the comet discoverer name, etc. This again will be added at some point.

As always, reach out to me if you have questions about this data. Karl