Launch of the new Sungrazer website

Welcome to the new design of the NASA Sungrazer Project! For both newcomers and long-time participants, there are a few things to take note of.

  1. This 'notification' area on the front page is where I will post any kind of important information. This includes confirmations, outage notices, comments about new comets, operational information about the spacecraft, etc. So please watch out for new posts here and/or on the Site Updates page.
  2. Certain portion of the website could not be launched until we had the new website in place. So we are still in the process of completing the comet discovery tables, adding links to various pages, etc. Most of these should be complete within a week from today, so please give us a few days before reporting any dead/missing links. We will also be offering some new features on this website that hopefully will be useful to comet hunters and researchers looking to study the comets.
  3. Most comet hunter's names should be on the list on the Comet Report Form. If you are new to the project, please submit the New Contributor request form and we can add you. If you are already an active participant and your name has disappeared from the list, please email or contact us through the website and we will get it back on the list.
  4. Related to the last point: if you do not make any reports for 90 days, your name will automatically disappear from the list. This does NOT mean that you have been deleted - it just means that your account is inactive. Please contact us and we will reactivate it.
  5. For active project participants, you are reminded that instead of "Confirming" each other's comet reports, you now "Endorse" them. (Confirming is only done by the Project administrator.) Please do NOT "Endorse" your own comet reports - that just makes it more confusing for the project Administrator to verify the new reports. Also, please only "Endorse" a report if you are convinced it is real. But multiple users may Endorse a single report - that would actually be somewhat helpful for the project Admin. Please see the Report Form Instructions for full details on how to use the new report form.

While there are still one or two rough edges to this new site, the functionality, accessibility and security is far better than the previous site, and aloows us much more flexibility for future expansion of the Project and the Website. Thanks again to everyone who makes Sungrazer such a fantastically successful Citizen Science project!