September 2023 and PSP confirmations

These are confirmations for September 2023, plus a couple of other reports that I had missed.

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4869  Sep04,23 19:52:28   Z.Yang         C3      Kreutz  Sep04-05,23
4870  Sep06,23 12:32:19   R.Pickard     C3,C2    Kreutz  Sep06-07,23
4871  Sep11,23 23:47:24   J.Ruan         C2      NonGrp  Sep11-12,23
4872  Sep12,23 22:40:45   W.Boonplod     C3      Kreutz  Sep12-13,23
XC99  Sep14,23 12:30:57   R.Pickard      C3      NonGrp  Sep14,23
4873  Sep17,23 14:38:40   R.Pickard      C3      Kreutz  Sep17,23
4874  Sep19,23 12:17:47   R.Pickard      C3      Kreutz  Sep19,23
4875  Sep23,23 11:29:54   Z.Yang        C3,C2    Kreutz  Sep23,23
4876  Sep26,23 04:47:48   J.Ruan        C3,C2    Kreutz  Sep26,23
4877  Sep26,23 23:22:13   J.Ruan        C3,C2    Kreutz  Sep27,23
4878  Sep27,23 04:49:30   J.Ruan         C3      Kreutz  Sep27,23
4879  Jul10,23 08:29:11   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar31,18
4880  Jul25,23 22:28:18   R.Pickard      C3      Kreutz  Jul25-26,23
4881  Jul25,23 22:31:16   R.Pickard      C3      Kreutz  Jul25-26,23
4882* Sep30,23 01:35am    W.Boonplod     C2      Meyer   Sep30,23
4883* Sep30,23 11:43am    J.Ruan        C3,C2    Kreutz  Sep30,23
4884* Sep30,23 05:50pm    S.Liwo         C2      Kreutz  Sep30,23 
4885  May28,23 01:37:27   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec01,05

I could not confirm report_rp_20230911221811 (R.Pickard). Also, I have made Robert's Sep14 report an x-comet. There were not enough good observation that I could confirm it at all, but the few observations we had were enough to make me not want to throw away that data. That's exactly what x-comets are there for! I was able to confirm his report from report_rp_20230919121747 though, which had not been 'endorsed' by anyone (no surprise -- it was extremely faint).

EDIT/CORRECTION: I realized I forgot about three reports made to the page, so those are now added as SOHO-4882 (Msg #5752), SOHO-4883 (Msg #5754), and SOHO-4884 (Msg #5757). Also, Wenjie pointed out an archive report I missed, so that is added too. Apologies for missing these, and thanks to everyone that contacted me!

Now, as for Parker Solar Probe (PSP) comets, here is the complete updated list of confirmations:

PSP#  Report Date/Time   Discoverer(s)       Tel       Group    Images of...
0001  Sep25,22 02:32am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   May29,22
0002  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep01-02,22
0003  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep02,22
0004  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep01,22
0005  Feb11,23 11:25pm   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Nov18,21
0006  May13,23 04:54am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I/O    NonGrp   Dec11,22
0007  Jul12,23 10:03am   K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Mar12,23
0008  Jul16,23 04:41pm   R.Biros       WISPR-I/C3/H1A  NonGrp   Dec06-07,22
0009  Jul28,23 04:40pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Apr25,21
0010  Jul28,23 04:40pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Apr25,21
0011  Jul24,23 08:09am   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Nov17,21
0012  Jul30,23 05:10pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Feb21,22
0013  Jul27,22 02:30am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Feb15,22
0014  Aug03,23 12:11pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Aug04,21
0015  Aug03,23 12:11pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Aug05-06,21
0016  Aug04,23 04:13am   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   May29,22
0017  Aug16,23 01:02pm   R.Pickard        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Jan12,21
0018  Oct13,23 09:57am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Jun19,23
0019  Nov02,23 09:36am   G.Stenborg       WISPR-I      NonGrp   Sep27,23
0020  Aug08,23 09:15am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Jan13,21

(EDIT/CORRECTION: I forgot Peter's email from Aug 08 2023, so that is added as PSP-20.)

I looked through all the reports including Robert's text file, and the report that Rafal made in that conversation thread. For the recent E15 data, there were four obvious comets seen in the images. The first two (bright) were clearly SOHO-4749 and 4750. Then there was a fainter one that Peter reported first via email, and Jiangao an hour later on the chat group. And lastly there was the comet lower down in the field of view which appears to be SOHO-4752. I could not confirm Robert's report of a comet on 6/17, or Zesheng's report of a fragment on 6/19.

You will notice the last comet on the list is a non-group object reported to me by one of the PSP/WISPR science team members -- Dr. Guillermo Stenborg. This is, of course, data that is not yet public. As I am sure you realize, we (the science team) do not have time to search through the data for comets, and are instead very happy to leave that to you all. But we do have to study the data, and sometimes we will see features that we have to discuss. In this case, Guillermo was performing his usual analysis in preparation to calibrate the new data when he saw an object moving opposite to the stars. He sent it to me assuming it was a known comet or asteroid, but it turns out to be a new non-group comet. We will release a short movie of it sometime soon. It is his first comet discovery, so many congratulations to Guillermo!

But I do also want to reassure you all that we are NOT trying to discover comets ourselves, but sometimes these things "jump out" at us when we are studying the data. (That's how I have found a number of comets -- simply because I have to spend so much time looking at the images.) I think this data will probably be released some time in January, but I will warn everyone closer to the time.

As always, please email me with any questions, comments, corrections, etc.