Confirmations for March 2022

Dear All,

Apologies for how far out-of-date we are with the confirmations. I know it must seem like I have been ignoring the project, but I promise I have not! I regularly check in on the page to make sure things are running ok. But I have had a number of things over the past few weeks that kept me from doing confirmations. Thankfully that has now cleared up somewhat, so I'm very glad to present some new comets!

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4390  Feb19,22 [N/A]**    DP,SS,JG       C2      Kreutz  May06,05
4391  Feb19,22 [N/A]**    SS,JG,VD,RS,DK C2      NonGrp  Nov04,16
4392  Mar06,22 04:56:57   P.Berrett      C2      NonGrp  Mar04,22
4393  Mar07,22 11:36:33   W.Boonplod     C3      Kreutz  Mar06-07,22
4394  Mar10,22 08:49:25   W.Boonplod     C3      Kreutz  Mar07,22
4395  Mar11,22 02:21:15   Z.Yang         C3      Kreutz  Mar11,22
4396  Mar12,22 11:15:08   Z.Xu          C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar12-13,22
4397  Mar17,22 02:09:39   Z.Xu          C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar16-17,22
4398* Mar21,22 12:31pm    Z.Xu           C3      Kreutz  Mar21,22
4399  Mar22,22 11:09:30   Z.Xu           C2      Kreutz  Mar22,22
4400  Mar22,22 20:50:40   Z.Yang        C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar22-23,22
4401  Mar24,22 02:15:31   Z.Yang         C2      NonGrp  Mar24,22
4402  Mar24,22 02:16:57   Z.Yang         C2      NonGrp  Mar24,22
4403  Mar24,22 09:19:54   Z.Xu           C2      Kreutz  Mar24,22
4404  Mar25,22 10:02:03 Biesiada,Sun,Xu C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar25-26,22
4405  Mar26,22 10:46:53   Z.Xu          C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar26-27,22
4406  Mar28,22 09:34:04   Z.Xu          C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar28-29,22
4407  Mar29,22 22:01:10   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Mar29-30,22
4408  Mar29,22 22:21:50   H.Tan         C3,C2    Kreutz  Mar30,22

*4398 = SohoHunter #5521
**SOHO-4390 and 4391 were the two objects I mentioned last time that were discovered via the NASA/TopCoder Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning challenge. Names of the discoverers are as follows: Daniel Parrott, Selim Seferbekov, John Gardner, Victor Dumov, Roman Solovyev, and Dmitrii Khrustalev. These are all first-time comet discoverers, so many congratulations to them!

I realize I have another long backlog of archive reports to go through. I will do those next but wanted to get the realtime discoveries back up-to-date first. Next week I plan to dedicate a significant portion of my time to doing just that! As always, email me with any questions, comments, corrections, etc.