Confirmations for Sept/Oct 2021

Hi All,

It has been a while since I was able to post any of these, first because we had no website for nearly two months, and second because it has taken me nearly another month to catch up with everything else because of the website problem... So again I will thank you all for your patience and understanding while the site was out of action. The fact is, this project is only funded enough for part of one person's time (me), and only enough to make the measurements, confirmations, and a tiny bit of science on the side. We don't have nearly enough budget to maintain a web developer, and when things go wrong it is often up to us (me again) to fix them. 

Thankfully you all have created a wonderful community, and I sincerely appreciate how flexible and adaptable you are when things don't go to plan. The page was invaluable during that period, and again I'll thank Alan Watson for maintaining that for us.

Anyway, on to confirmations! This was obviously much more complicated because reports were sent to me in a combination of email and group reports. Thankfully Robert very kindly has been keeping track of the groups reports, and that has made it much easier for me to track new comets. That said... there may be some mistakes and/or missed comets in these. If so, that's my error and please let me know so I can take a look. Also, please note that some of the confirmed comets are from emails that were sent to me rather than reports. Because of all this confusion, I have been much more lenient in applying the "timing" rules for reports, because there are often delays in messages posting, emails being received by servers, etc. I'm not going to explain my ruling on each individual comet here, but you can always contact me with questions. 

So here's what I've got:

4273  Aug31,21 10:53:04   W.Boonplod   C2,C3     Meyer   Aug31,21 
4274  Sep02,21 18:03:46   W.Boonplod     C2      NonGrp  Sep02,21
4275  Sep11,21 06:30:01   W.Boonplod   H1,C3     Kreutz  Sep11,21
4276  Sep11,21 09:41:12   W.Boonplod     C2      NonGrp  Sep11,21
4277  Sep11,21 19:27:22   M.Uchina     H1,C3     Kreutz  Sep11-12,21
4278  Sep12,21 13:26:25   W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Sep12-13,21
4279  Sep15,21 19:44:03   W.Boonplod   H1,C3     Kreutz  Sep15-16,21
4280  Sep18,21 06:25:38   W.Boonplod   H1,C3     Kreutz  Sep18,21
4281  Sep30,21 11:34:07   W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Sep30-Oct01,21
4282  Oct02,21 10:04:23   P.Sun        H1,C3     Kreutz  Oct01-03,21
4283* Oct07,21 05:56pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct07-08,21
4284* Oct07,21 08:35pm    W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Oct07,21
4285* Oct11,21 11:42am    Z.Yang       H1,C2     Kreutz  Oct10-11,21
4286* Oct13,21 02:32am    Z.Yang       H1,C2     Kreutz  Oct12-13,21
4287* Oct13,21 06:20pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct13,21   
4288* Oct15,21 12:07pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct15,21
4289* Oct15,21 04:53pm    M.Uchina    H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct15,21
4290* Oct16,21 08:19am  Biesiada/Uchina  H1,C2   Kreutz  Oct16,21
4291* Oct18,21 06:55am   Biesiada/Yang H1,C2     Kreutz  Oct17-18,21
4292* Oct19,21 11:24am    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct19,21
4293* Oct19,21 04:44pm    W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Oct19,21
4294* Oct22,21 03:49am  Pickard/Biesiada H1,C2   Kreutz  Oct21-22,21
4295* Oct22,21 05:14pm    R.Pickard    H1,C2     Kreutz  Oct22,21
4296* Oct27,21 03:51am    R.Pickard   H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Oct26-27,21
4297* Oct27,21 10:52am    Z.Yang       H1,C3     Kreutz  Oct27,21
4298  Oct27,21 10:43:35   Liwo/Ruan      C2      Kreutz  Oct27,21
4299* Oct27,21 02:53pm    R.Pickard      C2      Kreutz  Oct27,21
4300* Oct30,21 07:43am   Uchina/Biros    C2      Kreutz  Oct30,21

Objects marked with an asterisk (*) are reports made by email or on the groups chat page. For convenience, I'll post the links to the relevant reports here:

4289: Email
4290: & Email

I think I checked every report that was emailed to me, but if you want me to take a second look at anything, please let me know. 

I will get into November confirmations next week, and will try to complete December confirmations in the first week of January.


PS: Welcome back Zesheng and Jiangao! It's good to see you both comet hunting again!