Confirmations for Nov 2021 & STEREO archives

Happy New Year all!

These have taken a long time to do because it was confusing trying to go through the reports (although Robert had been keeping a list for me, which was definitely a huge help), and also because it's always more complicated when the comets are also in the HI-1 field of view. But I think these should be correct. I will work on December reports next week and hopefully they should be a lot faster to do.

This first set is a number of archive STEREO reports that I have been sitting on for a long time (over a year), plus some new comets that were found more recently. Again, these are always tricky because trying to match SOHO comets with STEREO/HI-1 observations is not at all linear, but I'm confident that the comets listed here are all new. I had several other reports from Trygve and Robert that I checked, but nothing I could confirm. One or two of them I might "upgrade" to x-comet, but that's as far as I can take them

ID#   Report Date/Time MSG#   Discoverer(s)  CAMS   Group   Images of...
0121  Jan06,21 05:06  2418   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan04,17
0122  Jan06,21 05:06  2418   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan04,17
0123  Jan06,21 05:06  2418   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan04,17 
0124  Jan07,21 14:48  2424   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan05,17 
0125  Jan14,20 08:29  2688   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan07,20
0126  Jan14,20 08:29  2688   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan08,20
0127  Jan14,20 08:29  2688   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan08,20
0128  Jan14,20 09:10  2690   T.Prestgard     HI-1   Kreutz  Jan08,20
0129  Dec09,21 12:02  2806   K.Battams       HI-1   Kreutz  Oct04,21  
0130  Dec09,21 12:02  2806   K.Battams       HI-1   Kreutz  Oct07-08,21
0131  Dec09,21 12:02  2806   K.Battams       HI-1   Kreutz  Oct25,21

And here are the SOHO reports from November:

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4301* Nov02,21 04:19pm    R.Pickard      C2      Kreutz  Nov02,21
4302* Nov03,21 10:57am    S.Liwo         C2      Kreutz  Nov03,21
4303* Nov03,21 06:04pm    R.Pickard     C3,C2    Kreutz  Nov03-04,21
4304* Nov04,21 06:17am    Pickard/Yang   C2      Kreutz  Nov04,21
4305* Nov05,21 11:36am    Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Nov05,21
4306* Nov06,21 05:48am    W.Boonplod     C2      Meyer   Nov06,21
4307* Nov09,21 02:25am    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Nov08-09,21
4308* Nov09,21 02:25am    Pickard/Yang   C2      Kreutz  Nov09,21
4309* Nov09,21 04:48am    W.Boonplod     C3      Kreutz  Nov09,21
4310* Nov09,21 05:26pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Nov09-10,21
4311* Nov11,21 11:27am    Z.Yang        H1,C2    Kreutz  Nov11-12,21
4312* Nov16,21 10:59am    W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Nov16,21
4313* Nov16,21 03:44pm    W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Nov16,21
4314* Nov17,21 08:54am    Z.Yang        xx.C2    Kreutz  Nov17,21
4315* Nov17,21 04:54pm    W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Nov17,21
4316* Nov18,21 09:17am    Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Nov18,21
4317* Nov19,21 03:17am    Z.Yang         C2      Meyer   Nov19,21
4318* Nov19,21 07:55pm Boonplod/Pickard H1,C3,C2 Kreutz  Nov19-20,21
4319* Nov19,21 08:33pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Nov19-20,21
4320* Nov20,21 08:52pm    W.Boonplod  H1,C3,C2   Kreutz  Nov20-21,21
4321  Nov24,21 01:44:23   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Nov24,21
4322  Nov26,21 15:50:20   W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Nov26,21 
4323  Nov29,21 19:56:04   R.Pickard      C2      Kreutz  Nov30,21
4324  Nov30,21 03:38:59   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Nov30,21
4325  Nov30,21 17:04:08   R.Pickard      C2      Kreutz  Nov30,21

-- *Urls for all original reports as follows


I almost made 4309 an x-comet, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I don't understand why I couldn't find it in C2 though. If I've missed it, please let me know. And as always, please let me know of any mistakes, etc, in here.

I have a very long list of SOHO archive reports that I plan to look at as soon as I finish the December comets. Hopefully I can have them done soon.

Best wishes for 2022!