June 2023 (and other) Confirmations

UPDATE Aug 30, 2023: I was wrong about 4738/4739 -- Worachate reported it first in C3, so I have updated SOHO-4739

Hi All,

Here are confirmations from May 2023 and archive reports for the year 2001.

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4725  Oct07,22 05:48:14   Z.Chen         C2      Meyer   Feb18,02
4726  Oct24,22 01:21:19   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  May23,02
4727  Oct24,22 01:23:35   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  May31,02
4728  Sep29,22 07:00:12   Z.Chen         C2      Kracht  Sep15,02
4729  Sep26,22 09:02:51   Z.Chen         C2      Kreutz  Oct08,02
4730  Jun07,23 09:24:49   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar28,02
4731  Jun03,23 04:16:48   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Jun03,23
4732  Jun06,23 19:20:54   J.Ruan         C2      Kreutz  Jun06,23
4733  Jun07,23 17:50:27   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Jun07,23
4734  Jun07,23 22:50:22   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Jun08,23
4735  Jun08,23 08:25:38   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Jun08,23
4736  Jun08,23 13:30:59   W.Boonplod  C3,C2,C2A  Kreutz  Jun08-11,23  
4737  Jun09,23 13:34:48   H.Tan        C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun09-10,23
4738  Jun10,23 05:01:42   J.Ruan       C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun10,23
4739  Jun10,23 06:57:31   W.Boonplod   C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun10,23
4740  Jun11,23 10:06:59   R.Biros        C2      Kreutz  Jun11,23
4741  Jun11,23 21:52:31   Pickard,Tan    C2      Kreutz  Jun12,23
4742  Jun12,23 02:32:58   Z.Xu           C2      Kreutz  Jun12,23
4743  Jun12,23 03:40:53   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Jun12,23
4744  Jun12,23 10:26:04   J.Ruan         C2      Kreutz  Jun12,23
4745  Jun13,23 09:47:48   J.Ruan         C2      Kreutz  Jun13,23
4746  Jun13,23 09:47:48   W.Boonplod     C2      Meyer   Jun14-15,23
4747  Jun16,23 16:37:19   W.Boonplod   C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun16-17,23
4748  Jun18,23 21:05:41   W.Boonplod     C2      Meyer   Jun18-19,23
4749  Jun19,23 01:51:22   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Jun19,23
4750  Jun19,23 01:52:23   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Jun19,23  
4751  Jun19,23 11:52:46   Z.Yang         C2      Meyer   Jun19,23
4752  Jun19,23 23:51:04   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Jun20,23
4753  Jun23,23 22:26:23   Z.Yang         C2      Kreutz  Jun24,23
4754  Jun27,23 14:36:43   W.Boonplod   C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun27-28,23
4755  Jun29,23 08:07:30   W.Boonplod   C3,C2     Kreutz  Jun29,23
4756  Jun29,23 12:54:20   W.Boonplod     C2      Meyer   Jun29,23
4757  Jun07,23 09:26:53   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar22,03
4758  Sep25,22 03:12:24   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  May18,03
4759  Sep30,22 13:04:44   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Oct01,03
4760  Sep30,22 21:22:54   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Oct03,03
4761  Oct02,22 04:19:27   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Nov09,03
4762  Mar25,23 02:50:03   H.Tan          C2      Meyer   Nov27,03
4763  Oct03,22 02:16:57   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec07,03

So here we have confirmations for June 2023, and archive reports for 2002 and 2003. A few things to note...

I could not confirm Oct24,22 01:25:42 (J.Ruan,W.Zhou). Jiangao's report report_jr_20230608091409 was the same as SOHO-4735, and Worachate's report report_wb_20230610065731 was the same as SOHO-4738. Also, Jiangao's C2 Kreutz from report_jr_20230626201847 will have to be an x-comet, as we have a large data gap and I can only see the comet in three images (we need at least five).

I'm quite shocked that no one had ever reported SOHO-4757 (e.g., x,y=177,83 @ 08:30UT) but I cannot find any trace of it in the reports archive, so it must be new. It really was very bright for an unreported comet. It's definitely not SOHO-592, which was in C2 a day earlier.

Also, we now have a few more PSP comets that I can confirm!

PSP#  Report Date/Time   Discoverer(s)       Tel       Group    Images of...
0001  Sep25,22 02:32am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   May29,22
0002  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep01-02,22
0003  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep02,22
0004  N/A                K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Sep01,22
0005  Feb11,23 11:25pm   P.Berrett        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Nov18,21
0006  May13,23 04:54am   P.Berrett        WISPR-I/O    NonGrp   Dec11,22
0007  Jul12,23 10:03am   K.Battams        WISPR-I      Kreutz   Mar12,23
0008  Jul16,23 04:41pm   R.Biros       WISPR-I/C3/H1A  NonGrp   Dec06-07,22
0009  Jul28,23 04:40pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Apr25,21
0010  Jul28,23 04:40pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Apr25,21
0011  Jul24,23 08:09am   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Nov17,21
0012  Jul30,23 05:10pm   R.Biros          WISPR-I      Kreutz   Feb21,22

Many congratulations to Rafal for finding these! He also spotted the Meyer-group comet SOHO-4388 in the WISPR-I data from 2022-02-21. Much like the Kreutz comets, the Meyer orbit is only in the WISPR field of view for a few days early in each encounter, with the comets moving almost vertically along the lower-left hand edge of the field of view.

I am still quite sure that a number of new comets exist in the WISPR data. I think most people have focussed on the first few days of each orbit when the Kreutz stream is in the field of view and the exposure times are reasonably long. As the spacecraft approaches perihelion, we have to reduce the exposure time, so the images are perhaps not as good for comet hunting. BUT... as PSP moves away from perihelion, the exposure time does go back up. The Kreutz stream is not in the field of view, but otherwise the camera is still taking very good images of the near-Sun region, and I would not be at all surprised for non-group objects to be in there.


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