Confirmations for July and August 2023 (and more archives)

Hi All,

Here are confirmations from July and August 2023, and yet archive reports.

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer     Tel     Group   Images of...
4764  Mar25,23 02:50:00   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Apr15,04
4765  Oct10,22 05:38:50   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Apr20,04
4766  Oct09,22 21:00:43   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec02,04
4767  Mar25,23 02:49:54   H.Tan          C2      Meyer   Jun08,05
4768  Jun03,23 09:22:57   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Jun08,05
4769  Aug30,22 12:41:09   H.Tan          C2      Marsden Jul17,05
4770  May27,23 01:40:50   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Nov16-17,05
4771  May28,23 07:26:36   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec08,05
4772  May28,23 07:43:04   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec09,05
4773  May28,23 10:09:52   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec14,05    
4774  Jun03,23 04:03:26   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Dec28,05
4775  Jul24,22 03:14:20   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Apr22,06
4776  Jul24,22 03:21:50   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Apr23,06
4777  Oct22,22 02:18:41   Z.Chen         C2      NonGrp  Sep02,06
4778  Aug08,23 10:42:44   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Marsden Feb29,00
4779  Aug08,23 10:04:53   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar01-02,00
4780  Aug07,23 06:06:46   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Sep26,03
4781  Aug24,23 11:19:48   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar10,05
4782  Aug24,23 11:24:57   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar01,06
4783  Aug24,23 11:27:53   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar03,06
4784  Aug24,23 11:31:38   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Mar10,06
4785  Jul22,22 04:34:28   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Apr26,07
4786  Jul22,22 04:34:31   H.Tan          C2      Kreutz  Sep06,07  
4787  Jul28,22 12:17:20   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C3      Kreutz  Sep07,07
4788  Jul28,22 12:11:41   J.Ruan,W.Zhou  C2      Kreutz  Oct13,07
4789  Jul01,23 01:02:32   J.Ruan         C3      Kreutz  Jul01,23
4790  Jul01,23 04:48:06   J.Ruan         C3      Kreutz  Jul01,23
4791  Jul02,23 22:38:41   Z.Xu          C3,C2    Kreutz  Jul03,23
4792  Jul03,23 08:46:38   J.Ruan         C2      Kreutz  Jul03,23
4793  Jul03,23 20:25:05   W.Boonplod     C2      Kreutz  Jul03-04,23
4794  Jul04,23 10:55:02   Z.Xu           C2      Kreutz  Jul04,23
4795  Jul05,23 00:04:06   W.Boonplod    C3,C2    Kreutz  Jul05,23 
4796  Jul15,23 09:38:42   W.Boonplod H1,C2A,C3/2 Kreutz  Jul14-16,23
4797  Jul19,23 07:15:03   Z.Yang         C3      Kreutz  Jul19,23
4798  Jul21,23 00:27:37   J.Ruan         C3      Kreutz  Jul21,23
4799  Jul22,23 03:25:45   W.Boonplod    C3,C2    Kreutz  Jul22-23,23
4800  Jul24,23 13:21:54   J.Ruan        C3,C2    NonGrp  Jul24-25,23
4801  Jul29,23 06:53:04   W.Boonplod H1,C2A,C3/2 Kreutz  Jul28-31,23
4802  Jul30,23 10:40:14   H.Tan,Z.Yang   C2      Meyer   Jul30,23  
4803  Aug04,23 09:26:34   Z.Xu           C3      Kreutz  Aug04,23
4804  Aug11,23 02:48:00   W.Boonplod    C3,C2    Meyer   Aug10-11,23
4805  Aug11,23 05:32:40   J.Ruan         C2      Meyer   Aug11,23
4806  Aug13,23 08:13:23   J.Ruan        C3,C2    NonGrp  Aug13,23
4807  Aug14,23 02:19:41   J.Ruan         C3      Kreutz  Aug14,23
4808  Aug16,23 16:18:32   R.Pickard      C2      Meyer   Aug16,23
4809  Aug19,23 06:48:14   J.Ruan       C2A,C3    Kreutz  Aug19-21,23
4810  Aug21,23 23:18:37   J.Ruan        C3,C2    Kreutz  Aug21-22,23
4811  Aug24,23 15:21:10   Z.Xu           C3      Kreutz  Aug24-25,23
4812  Aug28,23 13:54:10   Z.Xu           C2      Meyer   Aug28,23
4813  Aug29,23 21:03:22   J.Ruan         C2      NonGrp  Aug29,23

I try to keep the archive reports in order as much as possible but there have been a few new ones posted to the site that I included out-of-sequence. There is also a new 2006 archive report from Jiangao and Wenjie that I have not looked at yet.)

As for this set of comets... I could not confirm report_jr_20230527043550 (C2, 2005-11-28) -- I could maybe see something in two or three images but it was far too faint and diffuse, and I could not get a good alignment on positions at all. There was a report from Zhouyang on Oct18,22 09:02:48 that I cannot confirm. And I could not confirm Aug25,22 07:25:06 from Jiangao and Wenjie. Finally, I could not confirm Jul25,23 22:28:18 or Jul25,23 22:31:16 from Robert. I tried several times, with many different image processing methods but found nothing but noise. So if there are more x,y's available that were originally posted, please send them and I'll take another look.

I am continuing to work down the (still substantial) list of archive reports. There's at least 30 or so in there I think, maybe more. I want to get them taken care of soon though. Once we reach ~SOHO-4900 (or thereabouts) I will not confirm any more archive reports until we pass SOHO-5000 (!!!).

I have a couple more PSP comets I need to look at, and I also still need to look through some old STEREO reports from Peter. These also are on my list... but among MANY other things!

As always, email with questions, comments, corrections, etc.