Sungrazer Project at the NASA CitSciCon

The NASA CitSciCon event, produced by SciStarter, was a fantastic online event that brought together citizen scientists, project leaders and scientists from all over the world to discuss the amazing wealth of citizen science projects that are available. Of course, Sungrazer was celebrated appropriately, with appearances from two of our project 'superstars', Maik Meyer and Trygve Prestgard, and from myself (the Project Administrator, Karl Battams).

You can find the entire archive of CitSciCon sessions from the event here, and the specific Sungrazer-related sessions in the below videos. Time-stamps are provided ([mm:ss]) for the specific content but you are strongly encouraged to watch the entire sessions, as they're all highly informative! A very big thanks to Maik and Trygve for making appearances for the event, and sharing their inspiring stories!

[40:00] The Sungrazer Project Principal Investigator, Karl Battams, gives an overview of the Sungrazer Project


[50:45] Maik Meyer (for whom the "Meyer group" comets are named!) discusses how he got started in the Sungrazer Project, and how it has inspired a wealth of comet-related science through his life.


[57:00] Trygve Prestgard discusses comet hunting, and his own personal highlight of discovering SOHO's 4,000th comet!